As most of you well know, there has been a real outbreak of computer viruses lately. Whether you use your computer for business or home, viruses can cause havoc to your system. The professionals at Computer Medics are here to help. Your best defense against viruses is a good offense. Here are a few easy steps that we recommend taking to protect your system from viruses.

Take Action to Protect Yourself

1) Install and maintain current antivirus software. - Norton AntiVirus Antivirus Software and they provide an online virus scan

2) Install a personal firewall. - Personal Firewall

3) Download and install all Critical and Security Updates to your version of Microsoft Windows.
Free downloads are available from Microsoft. Visit: to scan your computer and notify you of any Critical and Security Updates that your system will need.

Does your system have a problem that you can't solve on your own? Email us to set up a service appointment.



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Last modified: August 16, 2005